Sunday, August 5, 2012

Joci's World

I wanted to share some cute encounters with my darling 3 year old.

Yesterday we went to my niece Jessica's baptism. When Jessica came out of the dressing room after her baptism, Joci loudly exclaimed, "She got sanitized!"


One day not too long after we brought Noelle home, Joci got right in Noelle's face and cooed, "She's gorgeous!" I suppose she was mimicking all the adults who had met Noelle. :)


Normally, Joci loves watermelon. But one time she was eating it and spit it out. "I don't like it. It's gorgeous."

Obviously, she's still trying to figure out that word.


Kids are supposed to embarrass you, right? Well, it's begun. Our first stop at the grocery store was at the pharmacy. While waiting in line, Joci noted the white-haired pharmacist and asked if he was Grandpa Dave. I said no. She said, "Look at that guy. He looks like grandpa. He's dangerous." Hmmm...I hope this was another case of a misunderstood word.

Later on, I dropped a refrigerated roll of Pillsbury biscuits. You know, the kind that pops when you slap it on the counter? Yeah. It exploded on the floor. I basically turned and walked away as fast as I could, pretending it didn't happen. Joci wouldn't let it go. "Mom! You dropped that! You made a mess! Did you break it? Are you going to pix it?" (fix it.) This went on LOUDLY for the rest of the shopping trip.

We saw an African American man at the grocery store. He was older and in one of those motorized shopping wheel chair thingys. I am sure that is what captured Joci's attention more than race because she knows several African American kids and people. Anyway, she pointed at him and (loudly) asked, "What's that black boy doing?"


While at the store last week, Joci kept putting things in the cart and not listening to me. We have a rule - she can walk around at the store as long as she listens but as soon as she is disobedient, she must sit in the cart (which she hates). So I told her to put the pack of straws back she was taking off the shelves or she would have to sit in the cart. She angrily said, "I'm going to throw you in the trash!"


Joci was jumping on my sister's trampoline and it was time to get going.

 "You can jump for two more minutes," I told her.

She negotiated. "Ten more minutes?"

"Two more minutes," I insisted again.

"Two more minutes and five more minutes."


Lately, Joci has been obsessed with growing up and getting bigger. I say this just to make myself feel better about the following exchange. I had helped her go potty and she asked me, "Mom, when will I have a big bottom like you?"


Joci snuggled up to me and said, "I love you. We're good friends."

Yes, yes we are. Love that girl.


Maria Jenkins said...

Love! You grocery store stories reminded me of one of mine...when Logan was little he had a major biting problem. I remembered my mom solving biting problems by biting the offender- so after nothing else worked I started biting Logan back whenever he bit Rachel. It only took two times and he was cured. About 6 months after our last incident we were at Walmart (and thankfully in the otherwise empty hardware section) when Logan bit Rachel. No sooner had Rachel told on Logan when he starts screaming at the top of his lungs. "DON'T BITE ME MOM!!! DON'T BITE ME MOM!!!" We got out of there pretty fast :)

UK Yankee said...

So cute! I love stories like these; it's so fun to hear about kids as they learn about the world!

Emily said...

That big bottom reminds me of two stories of my little girl.....

First, she tells me all the time that when she is a mommy she is going to have big nipples (what she calls breasts) like me. Funny at home, not so much in public.

When we were potty training her she asked one day what "that" was...the day I dreaded. I said that it was a vagina. She looked at me looked up and thought...and said "So I have a little 'gina, you have a big 'gina....and daddy has a big 'gina"...we laughed so hard!!

Ashley said...

Love these! I feel like the tough job of parenting is made a little easier when you get to hear the cute things kids say starting around this age.

Shawn and Teresa Nilsson said...

Oh the stories I have to look forward too! My favorite story of my sister's is about her then 4 year old. My sister had cut herself chopping one day and explained to her daughter, "mommy cut herself with the knife". After that, every time my niece would get even a scratch, she would loudly proclaim to anyone, "mommy cut me with the knife!" We found ourselves having to explain the whole story to strangers! :D


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