Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Brown-Skinned Baby

We are now a multi-cultural family. I remember in the adoption classes hearing that multi-cultural families have to get used to a bit of celebrity - people stare, people ask questions, anonymity is gone because it is obvious your family is different than biological families.

I am experiencing it now. I don't mind. I'm not a super private person (what blogger is?). I don't mind the strangers who come up and ask to see her. I don't mind the extra stares.

But there are some things that are new to me. Let's just say my family and the neck of the woods I live in isn't super diverse.

So it's kind of silly...but baby powder. Baby powder on a brown bum shows up like, well, like you would imagine. It kind of threw me for a loop the first time I saw it. "What is all this crap on my baby?" Oh yeah. I put it there. I never saw it on my ivory-skinned Joci.

Mongolian spots. I didn't know about these at all. They are a birth mark pattern that is very common in darker skinned people, especially Pacific Islanders, East Asians, Native Americans, and East Africans that fade in a few years. Noelle has more spots on her back than not. From shoulder blades to tail bone, she is a mottled collage of bluish gray and bluish green spots.

Photography. Noelle's skin is bee-autiful. A perfect creamy shade of latte. But in pictures her skin--especially on her face looks shiny and greasy. It does not look like that in person. Does anyone else have this problem? Are there tricks for photographing darker skin?

Still, I am so excited to have this exotic beauty in my life. There is no way our genes could have ever created her lovely combination of tawny skin, almond shaped eyes, and black hair. And I love being a multi-cultural family.


Debra said...

Are you using your flash when you photograph? Do you have the same problem if you take pictures of her outdoors?

Let me know and I will try to help!

Shawn and Teresa Nilsson said...

We use the flash outside when taking outdoor pictures and it really brightens up her face. For indoor pictures we try not to use the flash. I'm a few shades darker then my hubby and Noemi's my shade but slightly more orange then I am! One of us is bound to not look good in our pictures :)

rochelle said...

Sadie still has a mongolian spot on her tail bone that I don't think that lighten at all-she is almost 4. At first when I noticed it I freaked out thinking she had a bruise and couldn't figure out how a tiny baby would get a bruise there-lol! My dr. set me straight. I don't really have a problem with her skin looking greasy or shiny in photos. Can't help you there. I also know exactly what you mean about a bit of celebrity with a darker colored child-we got that ALL THE TIME. It has lessened somewhat, but I think people still look. What is funny is that I find myself looking at other families that have a child of a different ethnicity than them and am staring wondering about their family, then it hits me....yeah we look just like that.


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