Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Noelle's First Day of Daycare

Today was Noelle's first day of daycare. I return to work tomorrow.

I arranged it this way because I remembered how hard Joci's first day of daycare was for me. Going to work in tears, forcing a smile, twelve weeks away from my job and not really feeling like being there, thinking I wouldn't have much to do, wanting to leave a bit early to go get my baby, and being slammed with work. So hard to force a smile, go to meetings all day, be expected to catch up fast, and not being able to leave early.

So I gave myself today as a buffer for Noelle.

I stayed strong packing her things last night. I did great this morning getting the kids ready. I even wondered if there was something wrong with me emotionally because I was holding up fine. Then on the drive to daycare it hit me. I cried all morning. I texted with Noelle's birth mom. She was comforting me, telling me she understood what I was going through. I felt guilty that she was the one comforting me over this temporary goodbye when she has gone through so much worse, but it was so nice to have a mother who loves this same baby to share my sorrow with. I can't imagine not having an open adoption.

Joci was excited for her sister to go to daycare. Joci is good friends with the teachers in the baby room and she was thrilled for Noelle. She showed her baby sister all the cool stuff in the room like the exersaucer, bouncy swing, rattles, and other toys. Of course Noelle is too small to appreciate most of the stuff, but it was fun to see Joci's excitement. She was upset when I made her go to her class for breakfast. I think the got a few visits to the baby room throughout the day. She is excited that Noelle gets to join her tomorrow too.

 So now it's real. I go to work tomorrow and both my littles are in the best daycare in town.


Rachel said...

It's gotta make you feel good that Joci thinks it's a fabulous place to be. Good luck tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Where did the time go? I can't believe that she is that old already. I can't wait to see both of the girls soon. Keep us posted.

Grandma Z


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