Wednesday, September 26, 2012

That Awkward Moment When You Realize You're a Strange Cookie

I spend more time thinking about my image than I probably should. Pinterest boards dedicated to the perfect hair color or cut.

I am on a personal mission to correct a lifetime of scoliosis-induced bad posture. Every time I walk by a reflective surface, I look at myself and realign my spine.

I take the nonverbal communication of fashion and style very seriously.

I hope to come across as smart, sophisticated, approachable, and fun.

But then, there are moments that shove a mirror in front of my face and say, "Seriously, think you're sophisticated? Bwahahahaha!!!"

Like yesterday when I got my birthday card from work. (For reference my birthday isn't for another 26 days, but my company doles out all the October birthday cards at once.)

Reading through my coworkers' birthday wishes, I saw myself they way they see me.

I'm the girl with the ghost cat. The girl who has to be reminded to drink water once every four days. The girl who ate cat treats for a dollar. The girl who plays online role-playing video games, and even played Dungeons and Dragons (once!!). The girl who learned how to write Elvish. The girl with Celtic instrumental music and Paris Hilton in my iTunes library. The girl who is lucky to get through a meal with only spilling twice.

Yeah...that's me.

I am kind of a weirdo. At least I know it, right?

Ever have a moment like that?

1 comment:

Rachel said...

I like weirdos way more than sophisticated people.


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