Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dear Hollywood...

TV and movies aren't real. I know that...but art should imitate life, right?

I can generally suspend my disbelief. But I have a few bones to pick.

1. Girls don't wake up with perfect makeup. They probably don't sleep with makeup on, but if they do, it will be all smudgy and icky when they wake up.

2. If you remove a necklace by pulling it hard, the chain breaks. You can't put the necklace back on in the next scene. You need a new chain.

3. People are kinda funny looking when they sleep. Slack jawed. Drooling. Pillow creases. Weird positions. Sleeping is not nearly as attractive as it looks in Hollywood. Also, morning breath.

4. A sizable proportion of births in the United States are scheduled and induced. Water-breaking labor scenes make for great drama, but they are unrealistic.

5. While I am an avid real Christmas tree lover, the vast majority of people have artificial trees. It's so quaint that everyone in film goes to a live tree lot or the mountains for their Christmas foliage.

6. Engagement rings don't fit perfectly, especially surprise engagement rings where the girl had no involvement - you can assume she didn't have her fingered measured. They usually need to be sized.

What unrealistic things about movies/TV bug you?


*Alice Anne* said...

Car crash explosions! Cars dont normally explode on impact, especially if it's a motorcycle vs car crash. But every single car crash I've seen in a movie is soon followed by a huge explosion and people being thrown backwards. Lol.

Haylee said...

And only 5% of spontaneous births actually begin with the mother's water breaking. All things birth related bother me in movies. As someone who has given birth completely unmedicated three times and studied preganancy/birth in depth as one of my favorite hobbies I have very rarely seen women act like the movies portray. Women don't act as psycho during labor as the movies/tv shows make them seem. And women don't birth 6 month old, perfectly clean babies either. Although, if they did, that would explain the crazy screaming and shouting.

Frederick Family said...

My cute little neighbor told me this morning when I picked her up for school; that she can't stand how in the movies when ever some on wakes up in the morning it is perfectly sunny. She says even at 5 am it is perfectly sunny when ever the characters wake up. It feels totally unreal when it is pitch black for us at 7 am. Cute observation.

Emily said...

In the Vampire Diaries the characters are in HS. Yet you NEVER see them at school. That is annoying.

Alicia said...

Sword fighting with no blood on the swords. I mean really, if you are going to stab someone at least have evidence left on the weapon!


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