Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to Get Ready for Pictures

Today I had pictures taken (in a cemetery of all places, which actually fits my personality just fine). I just wanted to document my pre-picture strategy. No guarantees, but it's what I do.

A week before pictures 

Cut back on carbohydrates Sugary carbohydrates make you appear doughy and soft. Your face will appear thinner/more angular when you don't eat them.
Stop tweezing brows Let those babies grow and undo any weird growth patterns or tweezing patterns in place.
Pick out clothing. Go shopping. I usually take this overboard. :)
Get at least an extra hour of sleep each night So hard for me to do.
Stay on top of your skin routine Don't skip a wash. Don't add any new products. Don't remove any products. Maintain the status quo.
Do not try new skin products I mentioned it above, but it's worth repeating. Any changes to your skin routine can cause irritation and/or breakouts. Don't risk it.
Don't pick at your skin I have a hard time with this one too.

Two days before pictures

Exfoliate your face Don't do it any sooner or you might not get the benefit; don't do it any later or you risk irritation or flakiness.

Pick out clothes If you're anything like me, this process lasts until the photographer presses the shutter button.
Get extra sleep Yeah...good in theory but I can never seem to make it happen. :)
Triple your water intake Chug! Chug! Chug!
Shave arms I am not normally an arm shaver, but I don't want any backlighting transforming my baby-fine blonde arm hair into porcupine quills. 
Shave lip I have a few baby-fine blonde hairs on my top lip too. Barely visible except when the light hits them at just the right angle. I don't want to risk being immortalized in film with a mustache, so I take this extra precaution. 

Day before

Tweeze brows Now that they are all hairy and bushy, you can cleanly tweeze them. No weird inbetween hairs that are too short to tweeze but long enough to see. Easier for symmetry too.
Deep condition hair I use a deep conditioner, wrap it in a hot towel or plastic bag and leave the conditioner on for 15 minutes. It gives me soft, shiny, photogenic hair.
No alcohol, soda, or sodium They make you puffy
Exfoliate body Use body polish or an exofliating sponge or pouf.
Moisturize Use a GOOD moisturizer. Not that smell-good stuff from a boutique. Use a clinical or therapeutic moisturizer like Curel or Vaseline or Renew for long-term moisture and glowing skin.

Day of
Underwear I wear as little as possible. I skip the usual undershirts I normally wear. I don't want them peaking out of my shirt. I don't want panty lines. I make sure I have the support and shape I need, but nothing more.
Water Keep drinking
Cold spoons or cold eye gel If you are susceptible to eye bags like me, put a couple of spoons in the freezer or your eye gel in the fridge and put them on your eyes to shrink puffiness.
Primers I swear by face and eye shadow primers. They anchor makeup and control shine. Use them especially if you have several hours between makeup application and pictures.
Contour Now I don't do Kim Kardashian crazy contouring, but I do a little. I apply a thin line of bronzer right below my cheekbones and blend it downward to emphasize cheekbones. I apply bronzer under my jaw to firm it up and create flattering angles. 

Using a light, reflective, highlighting eye shadow, I swipe the highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones up towards my temple in a C shape,  my brow bones, my tear ducts, the bow of my lips, and the length of my nose. 
Hair product I want extra control and hold so I use stronger styling products (things I am familiar with; I would never use an unknown variable on picture day). I make sure to use a silicone-based serum or spray for extra shine. 

Do your hair, your makeup, get dressed, feel confident, loosen up, and just have fun!

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Mom on the Go said...

Love this! No wonder you always look so good in pictures. I have family pictures next week, so I am starting this today! I will let you know how I do.


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