Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Daughter Pulled the "Birth Mother" Card

Don't get me wrong. I knew it would happen.

I just kind of figured it would happen when Joci was a snotty 13 year-old and rebelling against everything I said. Well, she is advanced in many ways - why not this way?

Last weekend, Joci asked me if she could watch a movie. It was already past bedtime, so I said No.

"Yes!" she whined. "I want to watch it!"

"No, not tonight. Maybe tomorrow."

"Yes! I want to watch it."

With patience and love, I firmly replied, "I said no."

"My mother says yes!"

"Honey, I said no."

On the verge of a melt down, Joci continued her insistence. "But my mother says yes!"

A little confused, I tried to explain the facts to her logically. "I am your mother and I said no."

Joci fisted her hands and put them on her hips. And with a stamp of her tiny foot, she said, "But my birth mother says yes!"

Ooooh!!! Really???

My jaw dropped. I was surprised, amused, and shocked simultaneously. Already? I am going to have to deal with this already?

I can't remember how I handled it. I think an incredulous smile passed between Justin and me. I think I calmly said that I was her mother and I said no. And the topic was dropped.

She's three. Three and a half. And it has begun. Game on!!!

Times like this, I am actually very happy to have a relationship with Joci's birth mother. I know her birth mother would back me up. In fact, I think it might be kind of funny when that day happens - Joci runs to her (emotionally, physically, whatever) as a type of sabotage and her birth mother sends her right back home.

I truly am grateful for open adoption.

And my sassy three year-old? Yeah...I am pretty grateful for her too.


Rachel said...

Pretty darn precocious.

Hays Family said...

If it isn't birth mom it might be grandma says I can do it. Good luck with that.


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