Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why I Hate U2 (Note: I don't hate "you, too"; I hate U2)

I blame My Best Friend’s Wedding.

It was 1998. I was in high school and I was in love with a Boy. Boy and I had met in high school. We had instant chemistry, though we never acted upon it. We became the best of friends. Our chemistry never went away…timing was just never quite right.

Boy graduated high school and had only a few short months left before he left on a two-year mission. The summer of 1998, he spent a lot of time with the Other Girl. She was older and had already been at college. Boy was smitten by Other Girl and I was jealous. Actually, I was beyond jealous…I was in love. Boy had fallen in love with other girl and was desperately trying to win her love. I was his confidante, patiently listening to his painful recounting of unrequited love night after night. Was he completely unaware that I was in the same situation with him? It was torture.

The summer drew to an end. Other Girl would be returning to college soon. In another six weeks, Boy would be leaving for two years.

Boy and I went out one golden summer evening. Other Girl had headed off to college and he wanted to tell me about their goodbye. We bought Jamba Juices and lazily strolled along the manicured banks of the Snake River, the opalescent twilight fading into a velvety purple.

As Boy recounted more tales of his unrequited love for Other Girl, I thought about my unrequited love for him. And I could not get this scene from My Best Friend’s Wedding out of my head.

I needed to tell Boy how I felt. Before I ended up like the couple from the movie—still in love, but too far down different paths to ever find themselves with each other. I had to tell him. Now. Before the moment passed. Before he mooned too much over Other Girl. Before he left the country for two years with no way of communicating with me but international letters. Now was my moment. I couldn’t let it pass.

My blood thudded behind my ears. My palms grew sweaty.

Boy told me how he and Other Girl kissed goodbye and Other Girl said I love you to him.

I took a deep breath and with a shaky voice I bravely interjected, “Other Girl isn’t the only one who loves you.”



Nothing at all.

The conversation stilled for a moment. But then Boy continued talking. He didn’t address what I had said.

Had he heard me?

Surely he had. Surely this was a kind way for him to turn me down gently. The softest kind of rejection.

I was mortified. Had I ruined our friendship? Had I lost my chance at his love? I vowed then and there never, ever to be the first to say the L word again.

Later that evening, we found ourselves parked next to a baseball field where we liked to talk. The cloak of night made us feel protected, safe. There was a lull in the conversation. Very quietly, in a breathy whisper, Boy said, “I love you, too.”

My heart stopped. Then jumpstarted. Racing, pounding, thundering in my chest. It danced as is if it had wings. My stomach flipped. My lips lifted in a disbelieving smile.

“What?” I asked, my voice filled with anticipation.

He just needed some time but he felt the same way. I knew it. We had always had something. I knew it!

Boy leaned over. I mirrored his body, leaning in for our first kiss. His hand lifted up and landed softly on the volume dial of the radio.

“I love U2,” Boy said as he cranked up the radio, the soulful voice of Bono filling the car.

My heart stalled. My stomach plummeted. I was ready to go home, cry into my pillow, and be done forever with confessions of love.

And that is exactly what happened.

My unanswered plea for love remained unanswered. Boy and I did end up like Jules and Michael from the movie. I never professed love first in any relationship ever again. And I have hated U2 and Bono ever since.


Liz Smith said...

well that's unfortunate. you're missing out on some great music and amazing concerts.

Vanessa said...

Ahhh...remembering you telling me about it after it happened while reading this....I actually still tell that story to people sometimes and watch that movie filled with thoughts of you. Sometimes I wonder if he did that intentionally or if he just was oblivious to what happened.

Stephanie May Anderson said...

This story is amazing!! Like amazing I was freaking out for you for the whole time. I cannot believe that happened in real life! WOW, you poor thing. This is the best story I've read in a long time. Oh the joys of dating and unrequited love!

Quig I Am said...

Lol Lara omggg! That's hilarious and awful all at the same time! And amazing story telling, love it.

Inspired Kathy said...

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If this isn't for you but you know some who might be interested I'd appreciate if you could pass the info on to them.

Thanks for your time!

Rachel said...

Stupid boy. Curse him for ruining U2 for you! And also just for being romantically retarded in general.

Anonymous said...

::::face palm:::::
I'm sure he felt bad (if he knew). I wonder what he would feel like reading this. What would be funny though is if this was posted a significant day for him, like on his birthday. Well you know what they say, " I can't live, with or without you." Well written and recalled Lara Lee. :-)

Meg Morley Walter said...

This is hilarious. Your post was linked in my blogher feed. It's always fun to find other mormon bloggers.


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