Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Biting Off a Bit Much


National Adoption Month.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

The month in which I, a very sedentary person without a single athletic bone in my body, decided to begin a grueling Fitness Boot Camp Class.

And the month in which I finally purchased a video game I have been waiting for since I played its predecessor thirteen years ago (Diablo 3).

I haven't blogged about adoption once. (Remember that year I blogged about it every day? The thought exhausts me now.)

I haven't been able to keep up with the 1667 words a day of NaNoWriMo. I haven't met that goal even once. I have made progress though...but a week in I am so behind that I think it will be a big fast bust. Though I won't write it off yet. When I wrote Oceanswept, I wrote the entire first draft (about 80,000) in three weeks.

I have survived my first week of Boot Camp. I am seriously impressed with myself. This is so not me. And I truly signed up for it in ignorance. I had a friend who talked me into it. Social pressure? Personal professional attention? That's what I need, so sure. I've tried talking my gym rat friends into joining Boot Camp. They all (big, buff guys) get a look of fear on their face and say NO WAY! So obviously, it makes strong men tremble. If I knew that...I probably would have signed up for yoga.

But I have finished everything asked of me. I haven't ever downgraded weights until the instructor told me. I have occasionally modified (after 100+ push ups, I just had to do the girlie kind - so sue me). I have been so sore it is like a physical disability. My motion is so limited, I can't give the kids a bath or go downstairs to do laundry. Yesterday I even struggled to do my hair and dress myself. It has been PAINFUL. And I don't enjoy it. But studies show that in six weeks, most people will become "addicted" to their workout and begin to enjoy it, look forward to it, or find some kind of value in it. So I will press on. I am proud of myself for doing it. I am also proud that I can keep up with the boys. Heck, I have even beat them a couple times. I like to see that look on their face that says, "Hey...I'm impressed."

And D3 is just fun. Enough said. :)

I definitely have a lot on my plate...oh, one more thing to ad. My hubby is having reconstructive surgery after Thanksgiving on an eroded ear drum. We hope he'll be able to hear again.

Lots going on. So if you call and I don't know why! :)


Rachel said...

Girl, you rock! I'll send all my best vibes in your direction!

Hays Family said...

Lara, you are awesome to follow such a regimen. I never got to that point of loving or craving exercise. Guess I didn't give it a full 6 weeks. Keep it up, super girl.

Groff Family said...

You know that I am watching you carefully on this exercise thing, right? I don't believe for a second that any Hays woman will ever become addicted to or crave exercise. I think it is so awesome that you are doing it! And good luck with your book!


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