Thursday, December 6, 2012

Noelle's Six Month's Stats

So my baby will be seven months old in a couple days, but let's celebrate her six month milestones, okay?

Her stats:
Height: 25.5"
Weight: 16 lbs. 13.5 oz.
Head: 44.5

Noelle is hilarious. She is so easy to please. Just a naturally joyful child. I love it. I love what she brings to our home. Everywhere she goes, she is seriously irresistible. Strangers, neighbors, teachers, everyone is drawn to her. She will be right handed, I am positive.

She is a more physical child than Joci was. She really responds to tickles and kisses and snuggles. When she is concentrating on something (like, she is not looking at me but she is near me), she likes to reach out and touch me every so often to reassure herself.

She also has a heck of a attention span for her age.

She is a chatterbox. She "sings" and gurgles and giggles loudly. When you walk into the room (or her line of vision) she lights up like a Christmas tree and beams with her entire body. It's kind of like a dog wagging his tail. She grins, her eyes glow, her arms and legs start happily's a great way to be greeted!

She has stopped sleeping through the night. Hopefully that will start up again soon. Mommy is tired!

She sits very well and learned to do it fast. One day she was sitting for only a matter of seconds, teetering precariously, and the next day she could sit securely for an indefinite time. She has scooted around a bit and lifts her belly off the ground. I guess that we'll have a crawler by Christmas. She masters the physical fast.

Some recent pics.


Noelle's new exersaucer. She is crazy about this thing. 

She finally moved out of the bassinet and into a crib. 

She started taking baths with her sister and they both love it. 

And she started eating cereal and baby food. 

She loves cereal and has lost most interest in bottles. She has eaten every type of baby food we have offered with gusto. Not a picky eater yet. 

Halloween costume - pink poodle

Best friends. 

Joci took this picture. (And about 300 others that didn't turn out)

We love our little Noelle. She is such a ray of sunshine. 


Debra said...

Oh my goodness. She might be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

Rachel said...

I just love your beautiful family!

Alicia said...

That last picture is awesome. And it is so true that the littles using the camera equals a lot of BAD shots. Every once in a while you get a gem like this one! She's a cutie!


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