Friday, February 22, 2013

The Ivory Dress

When my mom got sick, I packed a suitcase of clothes and flew down to be with her, not knowing I would need a dress for a funeral a few days later. I purchased a dress while I was down there in southern Utah and wore it to the three funerals we had. 

And then it remained in my closet for over two months. 

Last week when I was running late to work, I stood staring at my closet when a brilliant idea crossed my brain - if I wear a dress, I don't have to put together an outfit. I stared at the dress. It's a nice dress, and new. It's just a dress. It's not haunted. Right? So I put on the ivory dress. 

I got more compliments on that dress than maybe any other ensemble I have worn. Maybe that's just what it felt like. And the compliments weren't like, "hey, nice dress." I swear I got a "You look like you're going to a wedding!" And I even got a "What a playful outfit!" 

Every compliment stung. 

Every single one. 

But it's just a dress. Right? 


Jill Elizabeth said...

It is just a dress. But also, it's not just a dress.

I wore a skirt and sweater to my father's funeral and I never wore the two items together again. I only wore them separately once after that. It was too weird to sit in church and think, the last time I wore this skirt in this church building, my dad's body was in a metal box a few feet away.

Both skirt and sweater were packed away the next week and I finally gave them to DI last year.

Go easy on yourself. It's not just a dress.

Liz Smith said...

it isn't just a dress and that's ok. *hugs*


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