Wednesday, March 20, 2013

10 Reasons I Should Totally Be a Celebrity

A couple of months ago I wrote 10 Ways You Can Tell I Am Not a Celebrity. Here are 10 Reasons I Should Be One.
  1. I have no regard for my privacy (hello? Blogger!). 
  2. I know I would make a darling millionaire.
  3. Since I’ve never had a DUI or drug charge, I’d be a stellar role model by Hollywood standards
  4. I wrote a book. Don't all celebrities write books? 
  5. I adopted my children, which is pretty trendy in Tinsel Town right now. I’d totally fit in. 
  6. I would have no moral qualms about wearing $5 million dollars of jewelry to a charity event where I would help raise $1 million for suffering children - oooh, pretty!
  7. I’d be pretty entertaining on a talk show (at least I think I would). 
  8. I would be that staple on the red carpet worst dress list that you always looked forward to mocking.
  9. I put my foot in my mouth quite often and I don't even have to have taken a shot (like Jennifer Lawrence).
  10. I've had a documented public nip slip


1 comment:

Rachel said...

You would be SO delightful on a talk show.


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