Saturday, March 2, 2013

St. George and Aladdin

I got very behind on posting family pictures so it's time for a LOT of backtracking. :)

Random picture of Joci falling asleep reading scriptures. She would ask for me to leave my scriptures with her to go to sleep and I was so nervous because the pages are so delicate, but I risked it and they were always fine. I would usually find her like this. So sweet. 

Over Labor Day we went to visit my parents in St. George. We hadn't been there for about 14 months so it was good to go. I am very glad we went. However, I regret that I don't have any pictures of my parents from that trip. 

Swimming at the clubhouse. I really dislike swimming so I watched the baby on the sides as Justin and Joci swam. Even my mom got in the pool. I remember her and Joci swimming and playing - Joci was Ariel the mermaid and my mom was pretending to be the sea witch. 

This was Noelle's first trip to St. George. My mom got her in this little stroller and took her all over her neighborhood to show her off to her friends and neighbors. Such a proud grandma. 

My mom was also so good about getting thing like this swing down from the attic and setting it up. I told her she didn't need to worry about it because we were only there for 48 hours - Noelle could easily survive without a swing. But my mom would always bend over backwards for anyone even if you told her not to. So the swing came out of the attic and Noelle certainly loved it. 

We took Joci to her first play - Aladdin at Tuacahn theatre. I was really nervous. The tickets were pretty pricey and I was afraid she would be so restless that none of us would enjoy it. But from the moment the first chords started, she was thoroughly enchanted. After the first number, we clapped and the lights went dark and asked if we could do it again - she thought it was over. When Aladdin and Jasmine flew right over us on their magic carpet, she held up her arms to catch them in case they fell. She was so well-behaved, just in awe of the whole spectacle. At intermission we bought her a frozen lemonade and popcorn. Not the most flattering shot of her legs above (I swear she is wearing shorts!) but look at that grin! 

We had a great trip. 

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