Sunday, May 19, 2013

Joci Turns 4

It's been two months, but how about some pictures of Joci's birthday? She has been anticipating this birthday since about Christmas. I had to tell her back then that all the snow had to melt before it was her birthday. Time and waiting is hard for 3-year-olds. 

And finally, the birthday came. I have never seen a happier kid. When she went into the living room the morning of her birthday she was so excited to see streamers, wrapped gifts, and a rainbow wall hanging. 

She had breakfast with me at my work that morning. She told EVERYONE it was her birthday. 

Barbie game from cousins

Moon Sand, a last gift from Grandma Normandie. My mom usually thought ahead a bit and we found a sack with a couple toys. There was Sharpie writing on the sack saying which toy was for which grandchild. 

One of the easier cakes I have made. Why do I try so hard on birthdays? Lots of layers, but cute. 

I love the grin this girl gets when we sing Happy Birthday to her. 

I asked her if she made a wish. She said yes. When I cut the cake and put a slice on her plate, she squealed and said, "That was my wish!!!!"

That weekend, Grandma and Grandpa Z came. Of all her gifts, Joci loved the singing birthday card the most. She took it everywhere. Even to bed. It died after only a few days. She also really loved her pink cowgirl boots. They light up when she walks. For about four days she wore them everywhere and even slept in her boots.

Joci had her first friend birthday party. Attendance was a bit abysmal and that disappointed me but she didn't  notice or seem to mind. We went to a party place called Blast-Off.

Even Noelle got in on the action

Joci was really uncertain at first and scared of the tiny tunnels and rooms, but finally warmed up.

About to eat cupcakes. Landon, Joci, Alex and Alyssa, and Paige.

Rainbow cupcakes

Noelle had her first taste of cake and loved it

Alyssa showing Joci how to play with the doll she got her

After her friend birthday party, Joci  was convinced she was 5 because she had two birthdays. :) It's taken us awhile to convince her she is only 4. We love our little girl. Every year is just more and more fun. I love having a four-year-old.

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