Friday, June 7, 2013

Noelle's Kemen

On May 9, Noelle turned one. In Marshallese culture, the first birthday is celebrated with an event called a kemen. It's a huge celebration that entails a ton of food and all the community. We did our best to replicate that, but we just had a small family party with a ton of food. :)

Red Lobster for dinner. She loved the cheddar bay biscuits

I made one of those giant cupcakes for her. Chocolate with whipped cream frosting and sprinkles. It had a peanut butter chocolate crust "cupcake holder" crust. 

Joci helped blow out the candle. We were out pretty late with dinner but Noelle was happy missing bedtime as soon that big cake was set in front of her.

She ate it like a champ

Party decorations. Justin made the palm tree. 


We served Marshallese food for dinner - chicken and rice, sweet potatoes and fried bananas, and baked papaya.

 We love our little girl so much. Her personality is really shining through. We are so blessed to have her in our life. I am the luckiest person in the world. I wouldn't change my family for anything. Love you, Noelle!

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