Monday, July 22, 2013

The King Baby

I had something very important to tell Joci today. I thought long and hard how to tell her this news so she would understand the weight of the situation yet also be age-appropriate.

I sat her down and looked at her solemnly. I said: Joci, something very important happened today.

Joci: What?

Me: A prince was born today.

Joci: A baby prince! I want to see him!

Me: Well, we can't go see him.

Joci: Why not?

Me: He doesn't live here.

Joci: Where does he live?

Me: He lives in a place called England. It's a different country.

Joci: What's a country?

Me: Uh...just someplace far away.

Joci: What's the baby's name?

Finally starting to feel a bit silly.

Me: We don't know yet.

Joci: Can I see a picture.

Me: No.

This conversation actually happened.


Liz Smith said...

HAHA!!!! she probably wanted to say, 'get back to me when you have more info.' lol.

Shawn and Teresa Nilsson said...

Lol! That's great :)

Rachel said...

I read this aloud to my co-worker. Good stuff.


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