Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Coolest I Have Ever Been and Will Ever Be

A memory came back to me today of a time when I was HAWT. I knew it in the moment. I know it now. You can't tell me I wasn't.

I was maybe 15. I was standing in line for a ride at Lagoon (a nearby amusement park). I was wearing a white ribbed tank top and cut-off jean shorts. Sunglasses. Keds. All-American cutie pie. That Divinyls song, "I Touch Myself" was blasting out over the amusement park stereo system. I was mouthing the words and casually swaying to the beat. "I don't want anybody else. When I think about you..."

I didn't know what it meant. But it was edgy. And sexy. And so I was I.

In line. At Lagoon. Singing a very inappropriate song. That was was the peak of my coolness. What was yours?


Michelle said...

so awesome Lara! I am impressed you can admit to stories like these-- I am sure we all have them, but I am telling you, I still turn red when I remember my "too cool" moments in my on head!

Rachel said...

You know, I just have never been that cool. Maybe someday...

Liz Smith said...

HAHAHA!!!! You crack me up. i have no idea when i peaked in coolness. maybe because i don't think i've ever been cool. so maybe my peak is coming? lol.


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