Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Taco Salad Book

So I wrote a book. You all probably know that because I've tried to get everyone to buy it. It's my first book. It won't be my last. I had fun writing it and just wanted to share my passion and joy. Is it the book I hope to be remembered for as a writer? No, probably not. It's a fun book. It's a book I would enjoy reading. I would recommend it to a girlfriend who was looking for a fun beach read.

It's not the type of book that will likely change anyone's life. It won't likely stir new ideas or capture your heart and never let go. It's not an Academy Award winning movie. It's that rom-com you got from Redbox with that semi-predictable plot that you've already mostly forgotten.

I've called it a Popcorn Book for awhile. I equate a lot of things to food because, well, I love food. And A Popcorn Book is like the food popcorn. Fun, tasty, self-indulgent, but not filling, not served anywhere fancy. You've forgotten it an hour after you ate it.

But then one of my readers told me that it was a little more substantial that Popcorn Book in her opinion. So I had a discussion with her about what my book is, if it isn't Popcorn.


My book is nachos. The chips covered in "meat" and "cheese" sauce with some olives and tomatoes and sour cream heaped on. A good snack that can even masquerade as a meal.

I wrote a Nacho Book.

P.S. If you really haven't heard, click here to see more about my historical romance Oceanswept. 

1 comment:

Rachel said...

I feel compelled to make a punny joke here, such as: "It's NACHO ORDINARY book!" Your nacho book writing inspires me every day. Getting excited for Undertow!


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