Tuesday, September 10, 2013

And the Id Strikes Again

Scene: Alarm clock goes off at 6:44 a.m.
What I Should Do: Snooze once, maybe twice, and get up so I can get myself 100% ready and get my kids to breakfast on time before they stop serving it at 8:30.
The Id Strikes Again: I hit snooze FIVE times, throw my hair into a messy ponytail or braid, rush the kids, arrive at daycare at 8:32 and beg the teachers to give them breakfast, then go do my makeup in my car before going into the office.

Scene: Lunchtime at the company cafeteria with a full menu full of all kinds of choices.
What I Should Do: Order a grilled chicken breast or a buffalo chicken salad and a fruit parfait.
The Id Strikes Again: Order onion rings, chicken strips, a double cheeseburger or something else rather unforgiving. Oh, and a root beer float. And refill the root beer. Twice.

Scene: While cleaning the kitchen, I notice the birthday cake pan I borrowed from a neighbor for Noelle's birthday FOUR MONTHS ago.
What I Should Do: Write a quick thank you note and immediately return the cake pan.
The Id Strikes Again: Tell myself I need to return it with a big batch of cookies or something then bury the guilt with a round of Candy Crush.

Scene: I get a new assignment at work. I don't have much on my plate.
What I Should Do: Start on the assignment. Maybe even finish it way ahead of deadline.
The Id Strikes Again: Do not begin the job until the day of the deadline.

Scene: Afternoon at work
What I Should Do: Go to the gym.
The Id Strikes Again: Hey! Donut run!

Scene: 11:00 at night. Not doing anything important. Watching reruns of 30 Rock for the umpteenth time and browsing Pinterest.
What I Should Do: Get jammies on, wash face, go to bed before midnight.
The Id Strikes Again: Pick up my book and say I'll go to bed after reading one chapter. Repeat seven times.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lara... I just tried post but for some reason I don't think it worked. I would LOVE the name of your adoption attorney as we are in the hope of adopting a Marshallese child. Thanks!!! Gina

Anonymous said...

Hi! I enjoy reading about your family and seeing your beautiful kids! We are considering an adoption of a Marshallese baby. I have a few questions I would love to ask you if possible. Do you have an email where I could send you a private email?


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