Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to Write a Book

Take 26 letters.

This concept amazes me. Oh, how I love language.

Spend 2-3 hours a night arranging those 26 letters in a hundred million different ways. Add sleepless nights. Listless days. Countless hours of staring into space. Add genuine tears—sometimes tears of frustration, tears of self-doubt, tears of happiness, love, and sadness. Then delete a great deal of those 26 letters you’ve arranged so painstakingly and begin arranging again. Add a sliver of your soul, a pinch of your passion, a good deal of your own dreams and desires. Do this, every day, for hours. Repeat for months and even years.

And then you’ll have written a book. 


Emily said...

Great formula. Seems to work very well if followed exactly.

Funny thing is, as few as 26 letters may seem, try to add a 27th and your book will just get weird, not better. :)

Rachel said...

Love this. May have to turn it into an inspirational poster.


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