Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Past

As I was making pies Wednesday night and cooking up a storm Thursday, I couldn't help but remember the first Thanksgiving Justin and I spent alone together.

It was the second of our marriage. We were living in Moscow, Idaho, attending the University of Idaho. We didn't have enough money or vacation time to go to either of our faraway homes (both were a 9+ hour drive away) and I was working in retail with Black Friday the next day. And since I was adventurous in the kitchen, I decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner for only the two of us.

I don't remember everything about that day. I do remember that a grocery store sold the back end of turkeys--the thighs and legs--which was great because we both love dark meat and we cooked those small little half turkeys all the time, so that wasn't a big deal.

I remember the pumpkin pie being a big deal. It's Justin's favorite. And when I went to make it, I only had sweetened condensed milk, not evaporated milk. I went out shopping and every store was closed. I even tried every open gas station in Moscow. Big surprise, no gas station carried evaporated milk.

We called Justin's grandmother who told us how to modify our recipe so we could use our sweetened condensed milk (too bad Pinterest didn't exist then or I could've probably figured it out). And I also remember nothing being done at the same time. The potatoes were cold by the time the turkey was ready. And when we cut into the turkey, it was still pink and bloody inside. It went back in the oven. We microwaved the potatoes and yams and tried again. The turkey was still undercooked. We finally had to just microwave the turkey.

It was just the two of us, figuring it out together. A perfect memory of our early marriage. But now I can make the whole feast for fifteen timed perfectly!

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