Thursday, June 19, 2014

Joci's World 3

A couple weeks after Christmas, Joci couldn't find a few of her favorite books. She found her toy cell phone and "made a call."

"Hi, Santa. It's Joci. My princess books are lost. Can you bring me some?"


Joci: What is God's last name?

Me: He doesn't have one.

Joci: Why not?

Me:...uh, I guess he doesn't need one.

She was not satisfied with that answer at all.


I was combing Joci's hair after a bath and she was complaining about all the snarls and snags. "Stop it, Mom. You're making me bald!"


I was changing Noelle's diaper and singing "Na na na na, don't play with my heart."
Joci repeated me (with a whole new melody of course), "Na na na na, don't play with Mommy's heart."
I laughed. Then she asked me what color my heart was. "Red," I answered.
"Just like Nathan's mom. My heart is pink."


Sometimes in the morning Joci finds my cans of Diet Coke that are four-fifths of the way gone and will finish them off because I am bad and forget to throw them away. After drinking some Diet Coke on morning she said, "Pop makes magic in my tummy! And a kitty in my..." she thought for awhile, then proudly finished, "throat!"


After a particularly "fun" day of stubbornness on both our parts, she said her evening prayers. "I know moms and dads get mad at kids sometimes. I don't like it. And I'm sorry for being sassy. But sometimes kids are sassy."


As her fourth birthday approached, if I upset her by requesting she eat her dinner or pick up  her toys or take a bath, she would glare at me and say, "You don't get any birthday cake."


Once when the moon was covered and distorted by a gauzy haze of clouds, Joci said, "Someone bashed the moon in!" 


Joci's first testimony in primary: I would like to bare my testimony because I am smart.

After her picking her up from Sunday school.
Joci: Today I learned about testimonies.
Me: Oh, that's great. What do you have a testimony about?
Joci: Cavities


In church last week, Joci whispered to me, "If this is God's house, where is His bed?"


As she was taking off her pants to get her pajamas on, she got frustrated that her underwear came off with them. "Ah! Why do my underwear always come off? I need underwear that doesn't come off. Does yours come off?"

I was close to making some comment about how my big derriere keeps my underwear up, but thought better of it. I never want to bash my body in front of my kids. So instead I said, "Mine stays on. I think it has more to do with the types of pants you have. Or maybe the shape of your bottom."

Joci said, "I have a circle shape. What shape do you have?"

Whenever I am not sure how to answer something, I think it's best to let kids answer their own questions. "What shape do you think I have?"

She stared at my behind for a very long time. "It's square."


Joci's prayer tonight: Bless that the blessings will be good. That we'll die when we're supposed to. That babies come out when their supposed to.


Today, I told all my friends about Satan!


It was past Joci's bedtime but she wanted to sleep in my bed. I was watching a television show that would not have been appropriate for a 5 year old. But we made a deal - I would put on headphones if she stayed quiet. She wouldn't stay quiet so I kept shushing her, which upset her. She finally said, "When I'm a mom, I will NEVER watch bad shows that say bad words. I will only watch good shows. And my husband won't either. I will have the best husband ever."

making a chocolate sandwich because why not?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Goodbye, Seraphina; a Family Milestone

About 18 months ago, this pretty gray cat started coming around our house. It was winter and she seemed hungry. I would pet her and she was very friendly and sweet. After a couple weeks, she was still hanging around and super skinny, so we fed her. And she became our cat. Joci named her Seraphina. She was a total sweetie. She had been declawed. She had definitely been someone's pet once upon a time and I hoped I wasn't kidnapping her. 

She loved coming inside but our other cat didn't like that idea so much. And Seraphina wasn't so great about the whole litter box thing. So she lived in the garage. 

Last week, I noticed she had lost an extreme amount of weight. She wasn't eating. She would disappear for long periods of time. I knew what was going to happen. 

We tried to make her final days happy and comfortable. My kids got the chance to say goodbye. We treated her with roast beef and tuna fish (though she wouldn't eat). 

Seraphina died yesterday lying in the cool grass under the lilac tree in our front yard. Joci and I put together a box lined with batting and a towel and decorated by Joci with markers. She did pretty well until we closed the box and buried the cat. It broke my heart to see my child cry so. I know she was drawing upon her memories of her grandma's death - and I was too. It was pretty traumatic and sad. 

We survived it, though, and as we laid the flowers on her grave, I felt like we had passed a family milestone. Our first pet death and having a pet buried in the backyard. It doesn't get more real than that. We love and miss you Seraphina. We know Grandma Normandie is up there taking care of you now. 


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