Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thankful feathers 2014

This year we did a turkey with daily (well, almost) thankful feathers. I just took him down today but wanted to document the things we put on our feathers.

Mom - books
Dad - people who are helpful
Noelle - music
Mom - GPS
Mom - friends
Noelle - Minnie Mouse stuffed toy
Mom - a wonderful husband
Noelle - Fishy
Joci - seeing Olaf at Disneyland
Noelle - her friend Phillip and pizza
Dad - that he's a daddy
Joci - to almost get earrings
Joci - for being Lalasa's friend
Noelle - binkies
Joci - seeing mommy
Mom - the internet
Noelle - binkies (again)
Joci - that she got to do cheerleading camp
Mom - dance parties in the kitchen
Joci - Christmas
Noelle - for coloring
Joci - for staying home
Joci - for singing
Noelle - apples
Mom - percocet
Dad - family
Dad - modern medical care for Mommy
Mom - sunsets
Joci - for seeing Grandma and Grandpa
Noelle - weekends
Noelle - for sissy
Joci - Christmas and Santa (again)
Mom - pets
Noelle - chocolate
Joci - for Princess Belle
Mom - modern conveniences
Dad - a reliable car
Mom - the gospel, Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ
Dad - his raise
Joci - going to Grandma and Grandpa's house
Noelle - baby dolls

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