Joci's Adoption Story

family photo 2010

In May 2008 we decided to pursue adoption. We had been married for about seven years and hadn't been able to get pregnant. We had tried various procedures and we were getting tired physically and emotionally. We began talking about adoption and our hearts just sang - we knew it was the right thing for us!

We found an agency we liked and began paperwork in July. We were officially on the list in September. We were contacted in November by one birth mother who ultimately decided to parent. Then there was a whole lotta silence. In March, our agency asked if we would like them to share our profile with some sister agencies they partnered up with. A birth mother in Alabama liked our profile and we set up a conference call.

On April 1, 2009, we had our conference call. It went really well. A few minutes later, our caseworker called. I thought she was going to ask how our call went - nope. She was calling to say that a birth mother and birth father in Idaho selected our profile. She tried to talk them out of us because of the situation with the Alabama birth mother. But the Idaho couple refused to look at any more profiles. They said we were the family for them.

We were faced with a choice. Not many adoptive parents get this kind of opportunity. We deliberated privately and together and knew that the couple in Idaho was the situation we were meant to pursue.

Though the baby was due on May 8, she came via emergency c-section at 6:07 p.m. on April 17. We drove across the state to meet her the very next day.

We were able to give the baby her very first bath and hold her for her shots. We spent four days in the hospital with her birth parents and siblings. We named her Jocelyn Rose Normandie and took her home on April 21, 2009.

photo taken by SweetPea Photography

The adoption was finalized on December 7 and on December 12, we were sealed in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple.

photo taken by Lindsey Redfern of the r house

We continue to have an open relationship with Jocelyn's birth family. We have had a great adoption experience and look forward to doing it again someday!


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